“Working on When the Party Ends was an important, necessary thing for me to do, personally. As a young gay man who grew up in Sarasota, and especially in the past couple years after contracting HIV, I have encountered first-hand the fears and ignorance surrounding the virus in my relatively small community. I know that the best methods of combating these issues are visibility, education, and open conversation. I also know that When the Party Ends is a perfect way to start on all three. Even during production, I think all of us on the crew felt that way; we knew it was going to be an important project. One of the most memorable and touching parts of working on the film was the director, between many of the takes, passionately reminding us all, “You’re saving lives!” She truly believes that about this project, and so do I.”

Cast member
When the Party Ends

“When The Party Ends” is an intimate look at the HIV risk and relationship struggles that young gay and bisexual men face today. It provides the important message that though HIV prevalence among men who have sex with men is high, there are many measures men can take to remain safe, including using condoms, getting tested regularly, taking PrEP, and ensuring open, honest communication with sexual partners. “When the Party Ends” is an important and compelling new awareness and education tool.”

-Leslie M. Kantor, MPH
Vice President, Education
Planned Parenthood Federation of America 434 West 33rd Street, New York, NY 10001 P: 212.261.4372

“I recently had the distinct pleasure of watching “When the Party Ends.” The film was not only terrific, but an important reminder of the public health risks posed by HIV. The film realistically depicted current trends in the LGBT community, including relationships, sexual activity, substance abuse, and accurate understandings regarding HIV transmission and treatment. The importance of engaging this subject is dire, and I believe we should embrace these discussions with a sense of urgency. What I particularly liked about “When the Party Ends” was the non-preachy tone with which it addressed the importance of addressing addiction, safe sex, disease prevention, and relationships.

As an Assistant Professor of Urology and Family Medicine, with a Masters in Public Health focused on health systems, I can attest to the importance of continuing to engage in the discussions raised by the movie. In fact, some of our colleagues at UCLA recently conducted a study (attached) addressing HIV acquisition in the LGBT community. They found high rates of unprotected high-risk sexual activity, with associated misconceptions about the risk of HIV transmission. Clearly, the problem is acute and needs to be addressed with vigor. I applaud Planned Parenthood and SOURCE Productions for this amazing, important film.”
-Jonathan Bergman, MD, MPH UCLA Department of Urology

“When the Party Ends” provides an authentic portrayal of the fear and pain experienced by a young man faced with the possibility of a positive HIV diagnosis. The impact of his experience is what SOURCE is all about…providing a message via a theatrical venue. Kudos to Planned Parenthood, The Source, and KT Curran for yet another opportunity to bring home a vital message about responsibility without a “preachy” tone of voice. My hope is for wide exposure for the message of “When the Party Ends.”
-Mary G. Davenport, Ph.D.
Marriage and Family Therapist

“This short film needs to be on every young adults’ list. It is a realistic portrayal of the club scene that many young people will need to navigate in their lives. And it suggests some time honored guidelines for how people survive the dangers and passages of this landscape. There are also up to date sex education pieces scattered along the way. All of this is packaged in a straightforward manner that avoids any hint of lecture. The acting, directing, and script were surprisingly polished for a short film.”
-Deborah Huntley, Ph.D.,
Licensed Psychologist, A.A.S.E.C.T. Certified Sex Therapist

“When the Party Ends” accurately reflects the current and emerging epidemiological trends in new HIV infections among men who have sex with men (MSM). This work demonstrates the reality of the current complex landscape of choices young MSM are faced with when making decisions about their sexual health and HIV prevention. “When the Party Ends” is steeped in the powerful and very real nexus of substance use and sexual risk-taking.”
-Benjamin R. Bryan, MD
Board Certified General and Addiction Psychiatrist Instructor in Clinical Psychiatry
Division on Substance abuse, Department of Psychiatry
Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons

“This powerful SOURCE Production, When the Party Ends, is a quality film that truthfully tackles the behaviors and the stigmas of young gay
men coming to grips with HIV/AIDS. An honest and frank story performed by powerful young actors. This film could save a life. ”
-Garry Bruel, Artistic Director SUNCOAST AIDS THEATRE PROJECT

“First – kudos. I thought it was really strong.
Next – it made me think. It sure seems like you hit all of the PrEP criteria on the head – the song comment about being a bottom, the blessings & curses of having prophylaxis with an HIV + partner …
I liked the acting & I thought the filming was too-notch. The scenery backgrounds were luscious HIV is old news – until you are facing the diagnosis. This engagingly, short film slyly educates without being preachy. It depicts current treatment & prophylaxis options & the benefits of open, honest communication among friends.”
-Betsy Nelson LCSW
Marriage Counselor

“As a gay male in my twenties, I immediately related to the script. These are real problems that a large majority of us face at some point within this community.
The writer’s ability to tell the story so honestly and so wholeheartedly, comes from lots and lots of research, investigation, and exploration into “our” world–a world of glamour, excess, and liberation. The gay “scene” of a modern, fast paced, drug induced subculture of people in a progressive, artsy, breathtakingly beautiful city–Sarasota, Florida.
The film explores themes such as, “There’s no place like home,” confrontation of ones’ fears, universal insecurity and self-doubt and the importance of taking the time in this aggressive, sometimes cruel world, to stop and hold someone’s hand who loves you and you love in return.
At its core, it is a story about never being “too old” or “too cool” to make the right choices. The issues that circumscribe our youth, follow us well into our twenties and surely thereafter.
The film depicts today’s world and its subcultures of human beings and translating it to the screen with such ease and impartiality that it almost pocesses a documentarian feel. It takes on the topics that not everyone wants to talk about and puts them on the frontline, somehow maintaining heart and emotional connection, the entire time.
I am proud to be a part of a “movement” that I know will raise awareness, raise questions, and primarily educate the world through storytelling.”
Jimmy DiPaola
Actor, When the Party Ends

“The experience of working in the focus groups and talking with my fellow members of the LGBTQ+ community about the risk of HIV was unforgettable and will inform/impact the rest of my life. My eyes were opened up to the reality that HIV is so stigmatized among young gay men, and no one dares to discuss the subject. It’s heartbreaking that there is so much shame around HIV, because that stigma is at the core of what’s keeping people silent about their status. As the focus groups progressed; it became increasingly clear to all of us involved—the upmost importance in discussing HIV/educating ourselves (and our community). Through education and awareness we will keep this gorgeous generation of young people healthy.

Throughout the focus groups and the filming of the movie, it was remarkable how all participants of the project began to shift their behavior in a healthier manner. It was as if this project held a mirror to our behavior, and we were able to clearly see the consequences of our recklessness. It inspired positive change in all of our lives.
“When The Party Ends” is such a raw, honest, non-judgmental look into the notoriously secretive underworld of LGBTQ nightlife. The incredible director KT Curran, was able to tell this (all too familiar) story with such impeccable honesty and vision. Because “When The Party Ends” is such a bitingly real portrayal of the community at large; it will be so relatable to those who desperately need to see this film. I strongly believe this film will save lives and help to spread awareness in our community. Our community will be a stronger community after seeing this film.”

Focus Group participant and Actor– When the Party Ends

“I am honored to have been a creative producer on this project and to have been a part of the arduous work it takes to build such an incredible short film. We learn through the characters in When The Party Ends of today’s LGBT youth and the multi-faceted, unfiltered, riveting and deeply moving experience that is HIV/AIDS within it. The support of The Community Foundation made it possible for Source Productions to really impact Sarasota and the many viewers it will reach. When The Party Ends has the power to show us a different world, while allowing the viewer to make it their own.”
Eduardo Anaya
Creative Producer